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Ten years at GSC

10 Years at RIKEN GSC and Novel Challenges in Genomics

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Genomic Sciences Research Complex (GSC) Tanabata meeting 2010

Yokohama Institute 10th Anniversary GSC Tanabata Meeting was held for young scientists, encouraging them to carry forward the next generation of the life sciences. A great number of brilliant young minds gathered and actively exchanged opinions.


13:00-13:15 Opening remarks by Dr. Akiyoshi Wada, GSC Director
13:15-13:45 Lecture by Dr. Hiroki Ueda, Project Leader, Center for Developmental Biology, RIKEN Kobe Institute
13:45 Group photo
13:45-16:55 Poster session
16:55-17:05 Break
17:05-17:35 Lecture by Dr. Yoshihide Hayashizaki, Director, RIKEN Omics Science Center
17:35-17:45 Closing remarks by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sakaki, GSC Deputy Director
17:45-19:30 Social gathering

Speech and Poster Presentation by Young Scientists (First Tanabata fellows)

Name Affiliation Title
Ikkyu Aihara Kyoto University Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Synchronized Calling Behavior of Frogs
Ashwini Patil University of Tokyo Interaction promiscuity in hub proteins in interaction networks
Kei Iida RIKEN How introns contribute to the transcriptome
Kohta Ikegami The University of North Carolina Interaction between the nuclear envelope and the genome: a model to understand the mechanism and function of spatial organization of the genome
Masaru Ishii Osaka University Dynamic imaging of bone-resorbing osteoclasts in live bone marrow cavity by using intravital multi-photon microscopy
Sotaro Uemura Stanford University Single molecule translation study on next generation
Arata Onishi National Institute of Radiological Sciences A study for understanding psychiatric developmental disorders by the integration of various disciplines
Kim Hyonchol Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology Measurement, control, and manipulation of single cellular "character" using nano-probes as diagnostic tools
Hiroyuki Kusuhara University of Tokyo Importance of transporters in the blood brain barrier to deliver drug to the central nervous system
Atsushi Kuno Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Lectin array-based multi-sandwich immunoassay system for glyco-biomarker discovery
Toshiya Sakata University of Tokyo Biological-Switch-Gate Semiconductor-based Biosensing Technique for Bio-Functional Analysis
Kentaro Shimizu University of Zurich Ecosystems biology' toward predicting the future of biodiversity using genomics
Charles Plessy RIKEN Population transcriptomics
Yutaka Sumino University of Tokyo Exploring the origin of life with “Kitchen Science”
Kazutoshi Takahashi Kyoto University Simple test for evaluation the safeness of human induced Pluripotent Stem cells
Koichi Takahashi RIKEN Simulating intracellular biochemical reaction networks at the molecular level
Toru Tuji Keio University Emergence Mechanisms of An Artificial Hard Tissue Formation System Facilitated by Proteins Generated by Multi-Directed Evolution
Hideyuki Terazono Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology The analysis of cell-to-cell communications by re-constructive artificial networks of neurons in vitro
Masatsugu Toyota Nara Institute of Science and Technology Identification of gravi-sensory calcium response in Arabidopsis using parabolic flights
Yukinori Nagatani National Institutes of Natural Sciences Low-Cost High-Voltage Electron Microscopy by RF accelerators
Yoshito Hirata University of Tokyo Time series analysis using distances
Shinji Fukuda RIKEN Elucidation of the mechanisms of host-microbial crosstalk in the gut
Joji Fujisaki Massachusetts General Hospital In vivo imaging of bone marrow regulatory T cells providing immune privildge to the hematopoietic stem cell niche
Kosuke Fujishima Keio University Discovery of jigsaw-like tRNA genes suggest gene evolution at RNA level
Shigeo Fujimori Keio University Efficient detection of protein-protein interactions using the in vitro virus method combined with high-throughput sequencing
Satoru Fujiyoshi Tokyo Institute of Technology Single-component reflecting objective for single-protein spectroscopy at a few kelvins
Vineet K. Shrama RIKEN Systemic Understanding of our Microbial Planet: A Valiant Metagenomic Initiative
Yasuhiro Matsunaga RIKEN Capturing large-scale conformational transitions of adenylate kinase using the string method
Marcell Horning Kyoto University On the Future of Cardiac Life-Science
Nozomu Yachie Harvard Medical School Integrative Features of the Yeast Phosphoproteome and Protein-Protein Interaction Map
Miho Yanagisawa Kyoto University Meso-scale domain patterns induced by interactions between the phase separation of lipids and membrane proteins: Physical modeling of biomembrane
Takuji Yamada European Molecular Biology Laboratory Functional insight in human gut microbiome by metagenomic sequencing
Ryo Yoshida The Institute of Statistical Mathenatics LiSDAS: Life science data assimilation systems for inductive modelling and inference of biological circuits
Yuichi Wakamoto University of Tokyo Reconstructing Biological Understandings from the Single-Cell Viewpoint

List of Poster Presenters (in order of the Japanese alphabet)