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10 Years at GSC (Genomic Sciences Center)

Introducing, a high throughput computational environment, system for protein analysis Requires no specialized knowledge of bio-IT

  Riken(Chief Director Ryoji Noyori) is pleased to announce the completion of Knoppix for InterProScan4.1 High Throughput Computing Edition, a new, easy to use CD-bootable cluster system for constructing an environment that can rapidly execute protein, function domain search applications.
  The system was designed and built by research scientist Fumikazu Konishi, a member of Advanced Genome Informatics group (Akihiko Konagaya, Project Director) at RIKEN's Genomic Sciences Center (Director, Yoshiyuki Sakaki).
  With Knoppix for InterProScan4.1, even a beginner can easily construct (deconstruct) PC cluster system. While it previously took specialists six hours or more to set up a 32 sets computational system , any researcher can now do the same in only 10 minutes.
  The system was validated with InterProScan4.1, an integrated application used for experimental protein function domain searches. The technology used to build Knoppix for InterProScan4.1 will eventually be expanded to work with other applications and databases so that everyday users will be to take advantage of the benefits of distributed computing.
  Knoppix for InterProScan4.1 can be downloaded as an ISO image from the Advanced Genome Information Technology Team's website at It can be able to be used from December 1.
  The system released at ComSys2005 (an information processing society) of November 29 at the Information Processing Society of Japan' ComSys2005 symposium