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10 Years at GSC (Genomic Sciences Center)

A new methodology for elucidation of unknown gene structures
based on both tiling arrays and genome data

The Phenome Informatics Team has developed a new bioinformatics technology to estimate with high precision the structures of unknown genes based by statistical analysis of tiling arrays and genome sequence data. This new technology was applied to the Arabidopsis thaliana genome, and successfully predicted 5,250 new gene structures in addition to the 27,000 known genes of A.thaliana.
  The predicted results on the new genes, as well as the information on the gene networks and mutants, have been provided via the center’s integrated database named GPS (Genome-Phenome Supehighway). The source program implemented for the methodology is called ARTADE, and is freely available to academic users.
  The Phenome Informatics Team is now collaborating with RIKENPlantScienceCenter to search for new genes and analyze gene function by using tiling arrays. It is expected that the entire research will lead to developing new crops that are highly productive or tolerant to stresses such as cold or salt.
  This research article was published in the UK science journal The Plant Journal.