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10 Years at GSC (Genomic Sciences Center)

Release of the DNABook® database

The Genome Exploration Research Group has put the data from its DNABook series in an online, searchable database. This online version is established with the cooperation ofthe DNA Book team, preventure program, the Japan Science and Technology agency.
  The DNABook database contains the 65,312 DNA sequences published in the DNABook series under such titles as RIKEN Mouse Genome Encyclopedia DNABook and the RIKEN Arabidopsis cDNA Encyclopedia DNABook. With this online system, it is now possible to search DNABooks online for needed sequences by name and by research subject, as well as browse a variety of information and pictures from the publications.
  The database went live on June 3, 2005 at Any researcher will now be able to determine online whether a specific clone is available through the DNABook series.
  The first book in the series, the RIKEN Mouse Genome Encyclopedia DNABook, is now on sale through the RIKEN venture company Dnaform. The DNA Book Team is now working on the development of technologies and undertaking market research to get feedback from potential users.
  DNABook a registered trademark of K.K. Dnaform.