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10 Years at GSC (Genomic Sciences Center)

Elucidation of Difference in Genetic Information between Humans and Chimpanzees

An international research team composed of mainly researchers from GSC has clarified that the difference in genetic information between humans and chimpanzees is larger than previously considered, and that differences in structure exist on over 80% of the proteins produced by genes.
  The research team completed the sequence of the 22nd chromosome of chimpanzees, which corresponds to the 21st chromosome of humans, in July 2003. Later, the team analyzed the difference in the chromosome sequence data between humans and chimpanzees, and conducted research to experimentally compare gene expression profiles.
  As a result, the difference in the sequence of bases recoding genetic information (corresponding to letters on a paper) was 1.44%. In addition, there were about 68,000 spots where different bases were inserted or contrarily specific bases were deficient.
  When the proteins produced by 231 genes positioning on the same spots of each chromosome were compared, over 80% of the proteins were different in the sequence of amino acids constituting the proteins.
Regarding morphological and behavioral difference between humans and chimpanzees, large-scale and systematic research has not been conducted, and only 1.23% difference in bases was considered to exist.
  The research results were published in the U.K. science journal “Nature” dated May 27.