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10 Years at GSC (Genomic Sciences Center)

Success in Superhigh Sensitivity Analysis of
Protein Using NMR with the Strongest Magnetic Field

Protein Research Group and National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), in cooperation with JEOL Ltd., have succeeded in analyzing protein with superhigh sensitivity using the NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) that worked under the world`s strongest magnetic field of 920 mega Hertz (mega: million).
  Compared with conventional 800 MHz NMR, this equipment can give 30-40% more information, which have led to the analysis of membrane protein (protein constituting biomembrane), which has been considered difficult up to know.
This is part of the national project "National Project on Protein Stractural and Functional Analyses (Protein 3000 Project)" that is aimed at analyzing the structure and function of 3,000 kinds of main proteins. This method can analyze three-dimensional structure of complex protein and the basic structure of trace quantity of protein, giving prospects for application to the development of new medicines.