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10 Years at GSC (Genomic Sciences Center)

Development of "DNA Book", new gene delivery method

Project Director Yoshihide Hayashizaki and Team Leader Jun Kawai of Genome Exploration Research Group has developed the "DNA Book", a novel technology in which DNAs are delivered in Book form.
  Comprehensive gene function research using DNA clones is now ongoing throughout the world. The "DNA Book", RIKEN's newly developed gene delivery method, provides the users with solidified DNA in book form. The prototype have been made one containing more than 60,000 mouse cDNA. The users can easily extract the required genes by using PCR or though the E.coli transformation with the genes, thus allowing them to begin research without delay. By the development of this method, the gene itself described in a thesis paper can be attached to the paper published in an academic journal.
  The research result was published in the U.S. science journal Genome Research